CLÉRY DEVERNAY is your law firm in Intellectual Property law. We dedicate our activity to the intellectual property for more than 30 years and experts in IP exclusively constitute us. The law firm is regularly ranked in several renowned legal guides as essential law firm in IP.

Why work with us ?

We are leaders in IP law, which we teach to law student and professionals. We obviously know regulation in force, last case law, foreign practices on which we are frequently working and discussing within specialized professional Associations which include representatives of the INPI, the EUIPO and the French jurisdictions.

We know our clients and their expectations and we know how to adapt ourselves to their demands and needs to bring them the adequate answer in term of deadline and costs.

Our practice

We accompany our clients, in French or in English, in their choice of name, trademarks, products, before national and European Offices, as well as, in their contractual relations with their own clients/ suppliers / distributors. We are also contacted, notably by M&A law firm for due diligence in IP.

We enjoy correspondents' network abroad, which allows us to manage complex disputes involving several countries and/or foreign rights.

Our clients

Our clients are faithful and trust us (some of them are working with us for more than 25 years). Our clients find in us a competent, creative, pugnacious, available and discreet partner. Our main clients are working in the filed of agri-food, design, luxury, fashion, pharmaceuticals, press and sport. Some of our ruling are available on our website page « Expertise ».

Do not hesitate to call us or to fill full our contact form if you wish more information.