Update on Famous Brands

Infringement of a reputed trademark will now constitute infringement

Le Journal du Management, n°73 October-November 2019

Google & the rules of the Alphabet

The American giant has become a conglomerate, Alphabet, a name used by BMW for one of its subsidiaries. Deciphering with Mr. Alain Clery, a lawyer specializing in industrial property law

Counterfeiting on the Internet, more than an infringement of intellectual property rights

In 2013, 40% of the products sold on the internet were counterfeit, to the detriment of brands, which lose billions of euros every year.

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Global Consel 3000

Emerging Issues in Intellectual Property

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L'Express Cahier spécial entreprises April 20th, 2013

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Can a novelist write anything?

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Counterfeiting: will the 100 million obtained by Hermès be a deterrent?

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How to protect your shop from plagiarism ?

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A positioning that is both traditional and innovative

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