Not to wonder any more: what can we protect? When? How? Who has the rights? What is it good for ? How much does it cost? How to proceed?...

What's That

Our law-firm follow you from the beginning of your start-up to avoid copy or robbery of your ideas. A diagnostic of the whole formalities to do is held to protect and value your ideas and your know-how. Many legal solutions are proposed, by priority, depending on your needs and your budget. A listing of good practices to set up is established for you.

How much does it cost?

The first meeting is free and the diagnostic of the measures to implement and the good practices to adopt are free. A quotation, adapted to the start-up business, is proposed for each measure suggested (licence agreement, trademarks, patent, design filing, non disclosure agreement...)


  • Protect
  • Secure
  • Watch
  • Audit
  • Defend


Start-up in creation, launching, restructuring, merging or in sale.

How does it work ?

A first meeting is held to discuss about the activity of the start-up, its mode of operation, its creations, and needs. At the end of this meeting, a diagnostic is made depending on the needs and the activity of the start-up. Each case is unique and benefit from a personalized recommandations.


Proceed to the fillings recommended and draw up contracts.


Be sure of the efficiency of the protections on going and of their interest


Be sure that your rights are not in conflict with other prior rights.


Introduce useful legal actions and/or resist to abusive demands


monitor new filings to protect against counterfeiting